It's back!  And just in time for all of your 80s themed projects! 

T O T A L L Y   T U B U L A R   takes you right back to the 80s. Neon jelly bracelets, side ponytail, hairsprayed bangs so stiff they stood up when the wind blew, electronic tunes blasting from your boombox.... Bright oranges and pinks with spots of black and purple meander their way through this yarn as you knit up socks or shawls or...?

Shown on SERAMA base.

SERAMA SOCK (fingering)
   Grown, processed, and dyed in the USA.
   80% Superwash Merino wool / 20% Nylon
   Approximately 430 yd / 115 g / 4-ply

DK SOCK (dk)
   Product of Peru
   75% Superwash Merino  25% Nylon  

   Approximately 245yd / 100 g / 4-ply

Washing instructions:
To ensure your product does not 'bleed', please rinse your product in a basin of cool water and allow to dry before use. For best results, hand-knit items should be hand-washed in cool water and laid flat to dry.

Due to the nature of hand dyed yarns being unique, the skein you receive may vary slightly from the photo shown. If you have questions about the skein, please contact me and I will answer any questions you may have