YES!  I really do have chickens!  The neighbor grand-kids couldn't remember my name when they were little, so they called me The Chicken Lady.  I loved the name so much that I used it in my store name. 

In 1994, while teaching in Ohio, I met a US Air Force guy at church. We married, bounced around in the southwest a bit, and we 'retired' in his hometown in the high desert of western Colorado.  We absolutely love living in a smallish town where neighbors are friendly and the skies are mostly blue. 

When I'm not dyeing, knitting, spinning, or cross-stitching;  I enjoy reading, taking walks around town with my husband and daughter, writing an occasional blog post, napping, and drinking tea.  I always have a little knitting project in my purse for the waiting times life seems to throw at me. 

My chickens are Rhode Island Reds and all of my yarn bases are named after chicken breeds as a result of my love for my girls.  We also have an old-man-cat, Puma, who has bad hips, a bum elbow, a missing tooth, and a broken meower. 

I hope you'll introduce yourself via email at  I really do love to learn about other people.  Perhaps we can sit and knit together some day?