This SAMPLER BOX includes all you need to squish, sniff, feel, and rub our eight most popular bases.  

  • You'll receive approximately 2 yards of each base - enough to knit or crochet a few stitches to get the feel of the yarn on your tools.  
  • All yarn is from the same dye lot. You can visibly see the difference in the different fiber content.


  • 'Tasting card' with information about a regular sized skein
  • Serama & Serama Bamboo (fingering/sock)
  • Americauna & DK Sock (dk)
  • Wyandotte (aran)
  • Rhode Island Red & Silkie (worsted)
  • Leghorn (bulky)
  • A small chocolate you may eat while you peruse (if you have any kind of food allergy, there is a CHOCOLATE FREE SAMPLER BOX available).

SAMPLER BOX is included with every new customer order.

If you just order a SAMPLER BOX, you will need to pay for shipping.  Please allow 5 business days for your order to be processed. Google insists we have a price on every listing, so your cost for the Sample Box is $0.01 + shipping.