At Chicken Lady Fiber Arts, we believe in giving back to our community.  We support several local charities with hand-crafted items as well as a few international charities with either hand-crafted items or by a monetary donation.  

  • CareFlight Comfort KitsHere at CareFlight Comfort Kits, our hope is to provide the caregiver (family member or friend) that accompanies a patient on a care flight with a bag of toiletries and other things to make their stay away from home a little easier.  We have delivered bags to the GJ flight hanger, Durango hanger, Craig hangar, St. Mary's NICU, and a few to St. Mary's ED. CLFA donates handmade items for the caregiver as well as monetarily from from proceeds from specific donations.  
  • Colorado Discover AbilityProviding outdoor activities for people with developmental, intellectual, or physical disabilities.  CLFA donates monetarily from proceeds from specific colorways. 
  • Knitted Knockers Handmade breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures to the breast. CLFA donates knockers to two local oncology departments.
  • Strive STRiVE is a private, non-profit organization authorized by the State of Colorado to provide community-based services and supports to individuals with disabilities and their families. CLFA donates handmade items for residents.
  • The House - Providing homeless youth on the Western Slope with safety through short-term housing programs, warmth, and hope for a new day.  CLFA donates handmade items.  

  • The Joseph Center - Created to support families in the intersection of homelessness and parenting, their mission is to provide hope, establish stability, encourage resourcefulness and confer a sense of belonging to the greater community. CLFA donates handmade items.  
  • The Manilow Music Project - supports music education in a variety of ways, having donated thousands of instruments including hundreds of brand-new Yamaha pianos to hundreds of schools nation-wide. In addition to instrument grants The Manilow Music Project also supports young musicians by offering merit and need-based scholarships to universities all over the US. To date, The Manilow Music Project has distributed more than $10 million in instruments and funds. CLFA donates monetarily with proceeds from specific colorways. 
  • The Pregnancy Center - Free and confidential support at The Pregnancy Center. Pregnancy can become a crisis when it is complicated by broken relationships, family tensions, poor timing, health concerns, assault, financial difficulties, and school or career pressures. We offer counsel on the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of pregnancy and information concerning available options. An unplanned or crisis pregnancy does not necessitate making uninformed or impulsive decisions. CLFA donates handmade items for babies under the age of two as well as monetary donations. 
February 16, 2022 — Lynne Wolford