A mystery yarn surprise for you! 

Each bag will contain at least 200g of yarn. 

Each bag may contain:

  • partial skeins of colorways
  • full skeins of discontinued bases
  • one-of-a-kinds
  • yarn that's been sitting on my shelf crying from loneliness
  • and/or a few odds and ends that can be used with your craft (think doodads!)

You’ll receive a mix of yarns in varying lengths, colors, etc. at a steep discount from our retail price.  All yarns have been dyed by Chicken Lady. Perfect for small projects, scrappy projects, practicing stitches, or accenting larger pieces.  

Photos shows some of the options that may be included to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Simply select which kind of base you prefer and let us know if you have a preference of color. We'll do our best to accommodate.