It's A Make-Along!

Our Make-Along is divided into four quarters this year. Q1 runs from 1/1-3/30 and 3 winners will be chosen on 3/31.  This Make-Along will take place on Instagram and Meta (Facebook) and is not affiliated or sponsored by either. If you have chosen to not be part of these communities, your entries may be emailed to us at

RULES (thank you to Keya at Cedar Hill Yarns):

1. The purpose of this Make-along is fun, fellowship, and focusing on the good in all of us. We are all different and special and human. Our focus is our Common Humanity - not skin color, religion, pronouns, etc. Any mention of anything other than our Common Humanity will get you suspended.  Make whatever you want.  Be kind in doing so and in the comments of your post.  

2. No trolling, chastising, berating, or bullying in your post or any other post affiliated with this Make-Along. We are DONE with that nonsense.

3. Whether you knit, crochet, weave, spin, embroider, cross-stitch, or sew, you are welcome to join.

4. Yes! Please double/triple/quadruple dip. It is encouraged!

5. Each time you post a picture of your project on either platform, you'll receive an entry. Be sure to use the hashtag #CLFAMALQ122.

6. If using Chicken Lady Fiber Arts yarn, you'll receive 2 entries (please tag us).

7. We are highlighting different designers each quarter. For Q1, Anne Pinkava and Deplorable Knitter are highlighted. You'll receive 3 entries for using one of their patterns (please tag them).  

8. Most of all, have fun. We are all makers of some kind and we are creative beings. Let us focus on our creativity!

Other Stuff: 

You need not start nor finish a project during this quarter.  You may use a project you've already started.  

Award categories will vary depending on the winner - who will have a choice of prizes. CLFA is providing the prizes.  An example of the prizes are Gift Certificates to your favorite yarn store, quilting site, and/or patterns from your best friend who is a designer.